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Space Station Contact

The West Palm Beach Amateur Radio Group makes an ARISS contact at the South Florida Science Museum. Usually these are done when the ISS is somewhere near you and overhead. But due to complications onboard the ISS when we were originally scheduled this was the next best pass they could give us a week later. They actually came over Atlanta, GA (hundreds of miles North of us) and the elevation angle was only 28 degrees so it was not a great pass. And that is the one direction we gave them that we had obstructions blocking a clear shot at the ISS. Another 10 degrees or a few hundred miles closer and we would have had a very clean contact. But as Hams we make the best of what we have to work with. We had to switch from the tracking yagi to the eggbeater part way through because we had it mounted on the other side of the obstruction. But everyone enjoyed the event. We had a live audience of hundreds in the Museum plus a live TV feed to the entire county school system of about 180,000 students and 12,000 teachers. Plus a live audience on The Education Channel of another 25,000 in private and home schools, plus live broadcast on the PBS station with another 15,000 viewers and live feed on 2 Comcast Cable TV channels with another 30,000 viewers.We also streamed it live on the Internet. The edited (to 30 minutes) version was rebroadcast on The Education Network another 10 times in the evening and on 1 Comcast Channel another 5 times over the following weeks.The video here has been edited a little further to include the entire contact and only some of the other speakers material.