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a Florida Non-Profit Corporation

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Officers and Directors

Executive Officers
Richard Smith  KM4RYM
I was first licensed as a HAM in March of 2016 and recently upgraded my license to a Amateur Extra in January of 2017. I have recently become a VE to assist in getting others licensed and interested in this wonderful hobby. I look forward to learning more about the hobby over the years to come. I am a long time member of The American Legion and the 40&8. I have lived in Palm Beach County for over 30 years.
Kevin Addison  KM4RYN
Vice President
Michael Mathias  K1WX
Christopher Hite  AJ1Q
Board of Directors
Michael Bald  K4MIA
Board Member
I became a amateur radio operator in 1967 at age 14 and have been active ever since. My novice call was WN4KGB that I received in Miami Florida. When I upgraded it became WB4KGB. After graduating from college with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics I moved to Tulsa Oklahoma to work for American Airlines. There I received the call WD5GLW. After retiring from the airlines I moved back to Florida and received my K4MIA call. I operate all bands 1.2 GHZ through 160 meters. I enjoy chasing DX, contesting, working digital modes, ATV, slow scan tv and satellites. I am a member of several organizations including ARRL, QCWA, South Florida contest group and AMSAT.
I am very active in both the West Palm Beach Amateur Group and the Wellington Radio Club. In 2009 I began running K4MIA Special Event station to honor our POWs and MIAs. The event is held the 3rd week in September each year. This event has become a very big and important part of my radio hobby. Besides using radios I also collect radios and restore them. I collect early spark radios, 20s broadcast radios and ham radios. I have been married to my wonderful wife Betsy K4RPI for 37 years. Amateur radio has been my passion for over 52 years.
Marc Wiskoff  W2MBW
Board Member