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ARRL Field Day
License Exams
WPBARG Monthly Meeting and Program - 6/28/2017
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General class license class and test
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Technician License Class and Exam
WPBARG Board Meeting
WPBARG Board Meeting - 4/9/2017
WPBARG Monthly General Meeting and Program
WPBARG Monthly Meeting and Program - 4/26/2017
WPBARG Monthly Meeting and Program - 5/24/2017

License Exams

TIME - 1400 HRS (2PM) Local

LOCATION -South Florida Science Center and Aquarium (SFSC&A):

What to bring with you

1. ARRL Test Fee of $15.00 in cash, check or money order
2. A Legal Photo ID. (Driver's License or Passport) If not available see below. *
3. Social security card or something with your SSN on it or an FCC issued FRN.
4. CSCE if you have one from a recent test or if you already have an Amateur Radio License bring a copy of it.
5. Calculator (battery operated). If it is a programmable calculator all memories must be cleared before the test.
6. A pen to fill out the FCC 605 Form.
7. Two #2 pencils with erasers to fill out the test answer sheets.

If you come close and do not pass you may retake the test immediately but this requires another test fee.

* If no photo ID is available bring two of the following
non-photo legal ID birth certificate (must have the appropriate seal) social security card, library card,
utility bill, bank statement or other business correspondence that specifically names the person; or a postmarked envelope addressed to the person at his or her current mailing address as it will appear on the FCC Form 605.

see caption
  At the last test session (02/04/17 we received some very good responses to “What got you interested in amateur radio?”. Due to space, I’ll abbreviate some of the comments. 1 “I have been involved in radio control aircraft---and would like to try FPV (First Person View) which requires a technician license. My uncle has been a ham all his life and still has his license at 97 yrs. old.” 2 “My friend in Mobile, AL ----was telling me about everyone he talked to and shared stories with. This, paired with my interest in technical things got me interested in becoming an amateur radio operator.” 3 “I used marine sideband almost every day for voice and data for seven years. I am very interested in digital aspects of radio along with antenna design and space applications.”