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Club Meeting Raspberry Pi Presentation

At the regular monthly Club meeting, November 23, 2016, Jim Nagle,KF4OD, gave a fantastic presentation on the Raspberry Pi. This small credit-card sized, VERY inexpensive, single-board computer is the absolute answer for teaching basic computer science and skills to ANYONE interested in basic electronics, computer science, and yes, Amateur Radio.

Jim showed how this tiny computer, costing less than forty dollars (not including keyboard, mouse, etc.) can enhance your Ham Shack, run many different programs that involve your Amateur Radio interests, and yes, even has a comparable program to Microsoft Office, all inclusive.

Some of the many projects that can be done with the Raspberry Pi is devising a system that will give you information about the types of aircraft in the sky around you; interact with astronomy programs that relate to your Amateur Radio hobby; set up a Raspberry Pi weather station; build an inexpensive multi-room music player! From simple robotics to more complex messaging systems, there is literally hundreds of projects that can be built using the Raspberry Pi.

There is discussion that Jim may possibly run some Raspberry Pi classes at the Science Center in the near future if there is sufficient interest. We’ll keep the Club members informed.

It's Not Just About Ham Radio

This group is expanding its horizons beyond ham radio and into all sorts of other interesting technology. The internet of things is trending and we don't want to be left behind.

Plans are being made for programs and classes on Arduino, Raspberry Pi as well as other powerful yet easy technology.
The Arduino Uno
The Arduino is a powerful micro-controller. Its inputs can sense anything, its outputs can control anything and you control the logic in the middle.
The Raspberry Pi
The Raspberry Pi is a tiny, inexpensive computer on a board. It has USB ports, HDMI screen output and can be the brains behind some incredibly smart gadgets.