West Palm Beach Amateur Radio Group, Inc.
a Florida Non-Profit Corporation

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Mission Vision and Values

West Palm Beach Amateur Radio Group, Inc.

To be the recognized leader of Radio Science and Allied Technologies which:
- Supports - the awareness and growth of Radio Science within the United States, its territories and provinces
- Advocates - for meaningful access to the radio spectrum, supportive communications policy and reasonable communications law and regulation
- Encourages - every licensed radio amateur to get involved, get active, and get on the air;
- Facilitates - education, training and experimentation and, through its members, advancing radio science, communications policy, allied sciences and their technologies
- Organizes - educates and trains volunteers to serve their communities to provide education, training, public services and emergency communications.

To promote and advance the art, science, use and enjoyment of Amateur Radio and its allied sciences by:

Developing a better public awareness, understanding and importance of communications science, logistics and operations.

* Public Outreach, Events and Demonstrations
* Palm Beach County Science Center Operations
* Community Service Support and Operations

Design, develop, provide and maintain education and training programs for communications science, engineering and allied technologies.

* Youth STEM/STEAM programs
* Teacher and Instructor Training
* Adult education programs

Encouraging the education, training, advancement and currency of licensed amateurs.

* Classroom and informal Seminars
* In-Field training operations
* Amateur license training (Technician, General and Extra)
* Maintain an approved Federal Communication Commission exam staff

Encouraging and performing research, development, design and engineering for the advancement of radio science, its methods and equipment as authorized by the FCC.

* American Radio Relay League (ARRL) laboratories
* FCC/NIST/University laboratories

Providing a fertile environment for information and idea exchange, the non-competitive sharing of science, technology, techniques, procedure and protocol;

* Operating Awards and Contests
* Seminars & Conventions
* Weekly breakfast discussions, Monthly business meetings, and bi-annual radio field-operations days

Providing civil and military radio communications as deemed necessary in the event of emergencies, disasters and as requested by all served agencies.

* Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES)
* Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)
* Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES)
* SKYWARN® Weather and storm alert
* Military Auxiliary Radio Service (MARS)
* Civil Air Patrol (CAP)
* Coast Guard Auxiliary Service.

Maintaining an informed, motivated and participative membership and volunteer base.

A Radio Operator’s Creed

He or She shall be:

1) Considerate: Never knowingly use the radio spectrum in such a way as to lessen the pleasure of others.
2) Loyal: Offer loyalty, encouragement and support to their compatriots, their local science organization and to the American Radio Relay League, through which amateur radio is represented.
3) Progressive: Keeping their station abreast of science. It is well built and efficient. Their operating practice is above reproach.
4) Friendly: Slow and patient sending when requested friendly advice and counsel to the beginner, kindly assistance, cooperation and consideration for the interests of others; these are the marks of the amateur spirit.
5) Balanced: Radio is an avocation. It shall never interfere with duties owed to home, job, school, or community.
6) Patriotic: His knowledge and his station are always ready for the service of his country and his community.