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Volunteer at the Science Center

Very little is more rewarding than inspiring kids interest in what could become a life long passion. Through our partnership with the science center we have inspired many children's interest in radio, technology and science. Bus loads of children are brought to the science center every week. We need volunteers to greet these wonderful kids and introduce them to our specialty.

You don't need to be a licensed radio operator to help. You can quickly learn what to do in a few minutes. One of the things we do that has always been a big hit is to let them key their name in morse code (you don't need to know morse code to do this). Sometimes, we put kids on the radio and let them call CQ. They are always excited when their call is answered.

To be a volunteer you must join us and pass a routine background check. We will provide orientation and schedule time at the science center that fits your availability.

For more information contact us through this site.

Still on the fence? Look at some of the wonderful kids as they find out about ham radio.
Image of Jerry Lewis and Jerry Grant