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Meeting Presentations

C6AAJ/C6AEA Suitcase DXpeditions to the Bahamas
(membership and login required)
In 2012 and 2014, Steve Ikler KS3K (C6AAJ) and Al Maslin N3EA (C6AEA) operated DXpeditions from the Bahamas. The 'suitcase' means that everything they needed was fit into a suitcase(s). This presentation shows how they managed everything including planning, licensing, transportation, antennas, radios, meals, accommodations and operating.
Computer Logging (Non-Contest Logging)
(membership and login required)
This is the slide show given by Steve Ikler KS3K at the membership meeting on 1/24/2018.
CW Contesting for Non-CW Operators This is the presentation given by Steve Ikler KS3K (WPBARG Vice-President) at the March 22, 2017 general membership meeting.
Intro to Amateur Satellites June 2017 meeting presentation by KF4OD on amateur satellites
Introduction to Ham Radio Digital Modes Including FT8 This is the presentation made by Steve Ikler KS3K at the October 24, 2018 club meeting.
Introduction to the Raspberry Pi Computer
(membership and login required)
At the regular monthly club meeting on November 23, 2016, Jim Nagle, KF4OD, gave a fantastic presentation on the Raspberry Pi. This small credit-card sized, VERY inexpensive, single-board computer is the absolute answer for teaching basic computer science and skills to ANYONE interested in basic electronics, computer science, and yes, Amateur Radio.
The Softer Side of SDR This is the presentation given by Jim Nagle KF4OD at the February 27, 2019 meeting.
The World of QRP This is the presentation given by Grayson Evans KJ4UM at the July 26, 2017 meeting.